Science has it that; the eyes light receptors perceive light and send signals to the brain which then produce a color sensation. Philosophically, color reflects the fullness and interesting bits of life. It stimulates a feeling only known to the receptor can settle. Billy Ocean in his song ‘color of love’ says he would use the brightest colors to show true love. We all have our take on this and here’s mine.



Like the sun, yellow comes into mind in an unending radiance. A source of harmony, something admirable something we can’t do without. I would use it to represent a family unit; families are happy- the only people who will embrace you in a storm while everyone else runs for shelter. In the ancient books a yellow ring was drawn on people’s head to signify purity and holiness…..glory. With earthlings, the color may translate to readiness, something ripe, the right moment to do something or sweet success.



Love is fierce, demanding, controlling but at the same time vibrant. We can’t even figure out how we landed ourselves into it. It shovels us into a cocoon we have outgrown yet can’t break the walls and fly into freedom. It’s too small for our anatomy but we squeeze into it because it prickles and blows to sooth the wounds. So overwhelming and relaxing at the same time. Red signifies love -it got us twisted.



Been thrown into a white space would feel like falling into an endless pit.  I admit this color sends shivers down my spine because of its infinity. It portrays endless things we must accomplish when our hands are full with less than a fraction of it. White signifies life that is abundant and limitless. We think we have a hundred goals to score so we get it lit and  maneuver 99 only for it to unfolds 1000 more before the game is over……white mirrors our  mediocrity which we have to subdue and reach for unlimited greatness.



Purple sprouts a blend of feelings; dull, fun, victory, royalty, concentration and sophistication. The hue depicts our many personas distinctively. At times we swear we have it all put together the next minute- we don’t get it. We live a restless life, working, taking risks, chasing money, writing and rewriting ambitions, struggling to know who we are. Our lives are entangled, we must find the binds, break some, mend others and keep the tenacity on to emerge victorious. Purple is a reminder of royalty that comes with understanding the complexities of our nature and how to tame them.



This is my representation of danger.  Green signifies mortality; leaves on a tree stay green for a season then wither, fall and rot. A reminder that good things are short-lived and we need to work hard to keep enjoying them. Money can relate to this; when wallets are heavy we be makin’ it rain at all popular joints– we are happy and complacent till it runs dry then we are back at square one. Green is siren to be joneses or waste a life span keeping up with the joneses.



Everything in this color is calm, soft and delicate. Pink has a uniqueness that is so satisfying, appeasing and dominant. Nothing attributes to this better than a woman’s nature, they are compassionate, loving, can withstand harsh conditions with a smile while they bleed inwardly. Women get hurt by the people they care about yet love them anyways. They listen to others tribulation and provide homage. Trust me even the baddest b**** you hate as hell has this inner person. Yes I know it’s hard to comprehend but the female specie just got this magic in them 😉

Let me know what color means to you…….

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